120409–120511, 2012. In collaboration with Na Kim. Inkjet print, 42 x 60 cm, series of 16. Edition: 1/5+2AP

“Looking from a distance, the collaboration between Anu Vahtra and Na Kim seems incredibly harmonious, although strangely – and that is probably the secret behind their success – the artists are extremely different at a very basic level. Vahtra focuses on space, Na Kim on objects. Vahtra’s gaze is directed by geometry, Kim is interested in colour. Kim works with scanners and explores perspective on a flat surface, Vahtra moves around in space. The series titled “120409–120511” born in a dialogue between the two artists could probably be considered the best photographic series of this year.

Na Kim’s two-dimensional compositions acquire an architectonic dimension through Vahtra’s focus on space, while Vahtra’s photographs lose their Modernist perspective and are reduced to geometric surfaces. Na Kim’s abstract found objects create maquettes of imaginary cities, while Vahtra is forced to enter the abstract world of colours in order to keep the spatial dimension of her photos.”

– Indrek Grigor