17,9°, 2012 & 2014. Site-specific installation at the Contemporary Art Museum of Estonia, framed digital print, 70 × 105 cm, 30 fluorescent lights

Originally realized for the III Artishok Biennale (cur-ated by Liisa Kaljula, 2012) and rebuilt for the exhibition “Feeling Queezy?!” (curated by Rebeka Põldsam, 2014) in the Contemporary Art Museum of Estonia.

This site-specific work makes use of the screening room of the museum which by default has an angle of 17,9 degrees with the ground. The normally dark space is lit by 30 tube lights. In the middle of it there is a framed photograph hanging from the ceiling with its back to the entrance of the space, forcing the viewer to enter and walk downwards into the crooked space in order to see the photograph. The specific nature of the space has a strong impact on the viewer and therefor makes the experience of the work literally physical.