Illusion, distorted perspective, lack of balance, another dimension I–III. Site-specific installation at Tartmus in 2014, adapted for Köler Prize 2015 Nominees' Exhibition at EKKM in 2015

Realized for the exhibition “Archeological festival_a 2nd hand history and improbable obsessions” (curated by Maria Arusoo) at Tartmus, the three-part work “Illusion, distorted perspective, lack of balance, another dimension” has its beginning in a postcard found in the Tartu Art Museum bookshop. It depicts the Leaning House during its renovation in 1982.

The first part of the series reconstructs the support structure for the building, the second part interacts with the museum space physically, and the third part analyses the building through different layers taken from postcards depicting the building. The work refers back to the history of the building and sets it into a dialogue with our time and social position today. The title is borrowed from a conversation Polish artist Monika Sosnowska had with architect Christian Kerez and curator Michal Wolinski.