The walls stand, speechless and cold, 2015. Site-specific installation at the Contemporary Art Museum of Estonia (EKKM)

The installation “The walls stand, speechless and cold” is realized for Köler Prize 2015 Exhibition of Nominees at The Museum of Contemporary Art of Estonia (EKKM), 24.04.–14.06.2015.

This work draws from the dynamic nature of the exhibition space and the discussion around the future of the public space in the area where the museum is situated. The corridor-like space is coincidental in essence – the wall on the right was built when the reconstruction of the transportation bridge between the museum and the Cultural Cauldron started in 2013, the wall on the left is the result of the sudden removal of the transportation bridge in 2014.

After climbing the stairs, the viewer enters the corridor which is extended by its own image. On the back wall of the extended space hangs a carefully framed photograph depicting the “new facade” of the museum, thereby leading the viewer back outside and presenting the facade itself as part of the work.